About iQH

(iQH is an IKONTEL venture)

" iQH Made Us More Efficient And It Shows On Our Bottom Line  "

ikonTel is a next generation high quality product development and software solution company with an endeavour to offer cost effective and high-end technology solutions focused on addressing customer's pain areas. We have a range of products that cater to the Telecom and health Care industries in India. Our In-house development team have created solutions for mobile Applications, Cloud Computing and Services, Telecom Billing, Mass Communication(Both text and voice), MVAS, Database Performance enhancement, Speech Engine Integration, Campaign management and VXML.

To Support our product range, we have a team of in-house experts distributed across Research & Development,Sales & Marketing,Engineering and Support functions

Leadership Team

Sanjit Kumar Pradhan

A visionary leader in IT and the Architect behind QuickHealth, with over 15 years of successfully proven track record across India and Abroad in Database and Telecommunication Technology. An Instumentation Engineering Graduate from IIT,Kharagpur,India, he has worked on numerous technologies with HP India and Sun Micro-Systems.He enables business with Technology.

Sanjay Rout

A Charismatic leader with over 14 years experience in the Service industry and the one responsible for putting together this world class team in IkonTel. A Graduate of Engineering from RVCE, Bangalore. Sanjay has a successful track record following him from the companies he has worked, like, HP India & IBM ISL. He is also the driving force behind QuickHealth.

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