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iQH Healthcare Management mobile app affordable price and easy implementation will allow your practice,hospital or individual,to quickly realize a return on your investment.A centralized,easily accessible and secure patient information network is key to putting patient information at the center of your clinical enviornment along with generating accurate bills.

  • Increased Efficiency: Patient information is readily available,saving time and effort.Additionally,much less office space is required to store the records.
  • Improved Documentation: Eliminates misreading,links related records electronically,reduces data entry errors,and eliminates missing/required patient prescription.
  • Automated Patient Questionnaire: The automated patient Questionnaire allows patients to complete much of their initial registration.
  • Improved Quality of Care: With complete and immediate access to patient records,Doctors are able to provide better,faster,more personalized care,raising the level of both medical care and personal attention.
  • Easy Information Sharing: The system allows secure sharing of all documents within the Clinic/hospital location and across locations.The authorized staff can access patient charts,reports etc eliminating unnecessary coordination hassles.
  • Powerful search: All vital documents can be organized and stored collectively in a systematic manner.Documents are categorized by the patient name,document name,doctor and document type.This enables easy viewing and access.

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Get the most out of your Electronic Medical record Investment

Having an Electronic medical Records(EMR) system is just the beginning.Now you need to bridge the gap between your EMR and other systems.Customised iQH solutions are here to help.

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