Pharmacy module

iQH Pharmacy facilitates facts,accurate pharmacy workflow and centerlized management over a pharmacy's operation from single application.The solution includes:

  • Streamlined workflow, facilitating the management of many complex tasks from a single sceen
  • Automated work queue that prioritizes orders and allows flexible sorts based on patient acurity
  • Centralized pharmacy management that generates reports including which items to be stocked at various floor-stock location,order-level intervention,allowing pharmacists to document decisions and perform cost-avoidance calculation for better outcomes
  • Smart selection dispensing engine,powered by a unique algorithm that shows pharmacists the best product fit based on location,cost,use and waste
  • Electronic messaging between the pharmacist and nurse to improve communication while reducing phone calls to pharmacy and expand options for medication replacement,crediting and re-bill
  • Tall man lettering on labels to prevent medication name mix-ups

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Get the most out of your Electronic Medical record Investment

Having an Electronic medical Records(EMR) system is just the beginning.Now you need to bridge the gap between your EMR and other systems.Customised iQH solutions are here to help.

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